Thursday, November 1, 2007


Marv went to Australia for 3 weeks and took the digital camera so I have been without it during the Halloween season...he got back last weekend and now I can take some photos to share the decorations this year..BTW he had a fabulous trip and brought back some wonderful pics and video! While he was gone I took a doll class one weekend and my mom came out a different weekend...we had a blast!!!

Here's Elle Dee in her Darth Vader Costume!

Who's There?

The Bride Doll Grave Yard!


Karen Mallory said...

You have a lot of neat Halloween decorations! Love the Bride's a kick!
PS I couldn't get your pattern site to open today(Nov 5)
hugs Karen

Noel Wolfman said...

Thanks Karen! I did reload the site early on the 6th so it should be fixed.

MaryO said...

What fun, Noel! I can see Halloween must be a favorite holiday for you. Everything looks Sooooooo festive!!!

Anonymous said...

karen my beagleis a little lady, but to have fun she and i will dress up as under dog and under mom. just an idea. marian san antonio

Lin UK said...

Noel, I really am impressed with your Halloween decorations. Makes my pumpkin candle and witches in the kitchen pale into insignificance. LOL.
Yours in stitches