Friday, August 28, 2009

Blizzcon Memories

Here are a few photos from Blizzcon this year. I had a great time.

Here is a pic of me at the Ozzy Osbourne Concert that closed out the show.

Ozzy at the mic!

My N00B marine was one of the winners of the Blizzard employee art contest...we really got into this urban vinyl art movement and there were lots of fabulous entries!

Me pointing to my winning N00b!


Karen Mallory said...

Looks like Blizzcon was a big success and congrats on winning with your doll! You are always doing such fun things!
hugs Karen who is still jealous you got to meet John Barrowman!

Unknown said...

Noel great and congratulations!! Looks like my son was your model :)
Keep "dolling"
Liz Orban

eliz g said...

rock on Noel!

My Big Fat Super Super Obese Blog said...

LOL, you are never going to believe how I found this blog Noel! I thoroughly enjoyed looking at your pictures of turkey and ephesus..I would love to visit there myself sometime. BTW, this is Michelle...Linda's daughter lol! I've been trying to get back in touch with your mom, but as usual, she's out doing enough for 3-4 people so its hard to connect. You both look Amazing!! I love the dolls, will definitely be back to see more.

I have a blog of my own as you can see, but it's not near as much fun as yours, I wouldn't even bother me! It's pretty self serving, I'm amazed anyone but me wants anything to do with it.

Please tell your mom I miss her more than she can possibly imagine and will try to get back in touch soon. Glad to see you are doing great, my main email is if either of you want to keep in touch.