Thursday, April 20, 2017

Christian Hacker Grocery Store from 1905

Here is the largest and most spectacular of the 3 shops I bought from Angels Attic.   It is an Art Nouveau style Grocery Store.  When I first started visiting Angel's Attic I would always go to see this shop.  It was my absolute favorite thing in the museum.  I feel very fortunate to be its current caretaker!

It is huge, measuring just shy of 4 feet in length.   I believe it to be a Christian Hacker shop from 1905.  I am still researching this one as well as the Hat Shop in the previous post.  They are identical in motif and match the one in the Nurnberg museum.  It is that museum listing I am using to date and identify the maker of this shop.

As you can see the back doors open as do the closet/side doors.   The mirror back panels have some age related crackling to the silvered backing.  The mirror glass is in fine shape.

Below is a close up of the door knob.  The hardware is the same on all the doors.

The two front windows are hinged and they swing open.  You can see the 1 damaged drawer in this photo.  The screw on the outside panel is for a doorbell.  It came off in transit and I need to reattach it.  The shop was re-papered in the past, both the walls and the floor. I also think it was carefully repainted in some areas.  Most notably on the decorative panel above the glass doors.

Side view (Both sides are identical)

Top down view

Here are the markings on the bottom of the shop:

This is a picture of the Grocery Store as it was displayed in the Museum.  All the contents and dolls came with the shop.  Now that I have finished dusting and cleaning it, I will be setting it up with all the little food stuffs.

Here is the link to the similar shop in the Nurnberg Toy Mueseum:

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