Thursday, July 5, 2007

Back on the Witch

I have been sketching clothes for the witch. I decided to go ahead and start the underclothes.
I used a stretch ribbed knit to make three tubes;
One for the body and 2 for the arms.
I plan to do a bodice over this with lacings...probably in black.
She will also have an Elizabethan collar.

I wrapped a green feather boa around her head for fun. I haven't figured out her hair yet and will probably wait until last to do it along with her witches hat.


Baja Betty said...

Hey Noel:
Just went through your blog. Love how your witch is coming along. Hmmmm, I do like her green hair. Thanks for sharing her.

Sherry Goshon said...

Looking good...can't wait to see her finished