Friday, July 13, 2007

Elle Dee

" Why no, Mom...I am not eating silk flowers that fell on the floor under your desk"


Stillwaters Music said...

Hello Noel~ Oh my! Please tell me what kind of dog you have? We had one just like her for 13 years - her name was Annie and from what I can see in your picture, she looked just like her. She just showed up on our doorstep as a puppy and no one ever knew what kind of dog she was. We figured a chow/shepherd mix.
Anyway, we miss her so very much and it did my heart good to see your Elle Dee! :)

Noel Wolfman said...

Elle Dee is a Keeshond. That is a dutch breed. They are sometimes called Dutch Barge Dogs. They were quite the favored dogs of the Elizabethan Court as they have white ruffs that, when brushed, stand up around their necks like the court ladies' collars did.
The dogs are bred soley for compansionship and serve no useful which I can attest! LOL.