Monday, July 30, 2007

Comic Con - Trip Report

My view of this convention is definitely skewed towards the dolls, shopping and the general craziness that goes on. I don't go to the panels or the giant media presentations. I do walk the entire convention floor at least one day...this year it was Friday. I also get out and do lots of shopping in the San Diego area...but that will be a different post.

Comic Con has just continued to grow...this is my 17th year there. My husband, Marv, has been there since its third year so this is 35 years for him. We noticed that it has become even more media driven this year, with the Studios having huge booths to promote their movies. But the book publishers were there too and had bigger booths then before.

There were a lot of free give-aways and a lot of con only toys that you could only buy there...a boon for collectors and ebay! No doubt you will be able to find every give away or special item on ebay today!

I did manage to get the free Harry Potter book bag that Scholastic was giving out at their booth. A friend of mine got in early and snagged one for me. Thanks Scott! I also got an advance reading copy of the new Naomi Novik "Temeraire" book "Empire of Ivory" from the Del Rey booth. This is the 4th book in the series...I was so thrilled to get it! If you are not familiar with the series I highly recommend it. Just imagine the Napoleonic War but with Dragons..its cool!

I also got to see wonderful dolls and Patti Culea and I went through the art show together. There is just so much to see there! I was thrilled to see Dawn Schiler's Odd Fae figures up close and personal and then just down from her Wendy Froud had her fairy figures. Robert Tonner also had a booth of his new comic and movie related dolls. I nearly bought the Harry Potter set..its amazing. He also had an Aquaman doll riding a huge sea cool!!!! And the fabulous goth dolls, "Begoths" were there too with some new releases.

DC Comics is coming out with new figures of the "New Teen Titans", which my husband co-created with George Perez. The sculpts for these action figures are amazing...some of the most detailed sculptural work I have ever seen for action figures.

Another huge part of the fun is getting to see old friends. Marv and I were able to have breakfasts and dinners with East Coast friends in between business meetings.

And the whole event was capped off nicely with Marv winning the Scribe Award in the category of "Best Novel - adapted" for his novelization of the "Superman Returns" movie.

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