Monday, July 2, 2007

Egyptian Dancer Doll in Progress

This is a class I took from Christine Shively. This is my version of her Collage Doll pattern. I sort of took it off in my own direction! LOL. I used the crackle glaze with a turquoise undercoat and a red clay color overcoat. Christine and I consulted about a face and decided not to do a classic "Christine" face. If I do one at all it will be a flat Egyptian art style face.

All her clothes are paper, except the nipple shield and snake bracelet (which is a ring I re-purposed). It was quite fun to get to sort of make it up as you go along...just my type of thing for sure! As I got started on the paper embellishments I sort of veered off into Art Deco shapes.

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Sherry Goshon said...

Wow she is wonderful I LOVE her