Sunday, June 29, 2008

Doll Club Face Book Project Tutorial

If you belong to a doll club, here is a great project for your group. You can use it as a fund raiser or gift...even if its a gift to yourself!

In my club we have a tradition that the outgoing President makes a little gift for each member of the club. I just retired as President and this was my gift project.

This is a "face book" its meant as a practice book for drawing faces or to practice coloring faces for cloth dolls. This tutorial will show you how I made them...though there are probably many ways to do it and I am sure you can improve on this!

I started by making the covers. I used blue poly felt cut to 4" x 11".

Next I took our Doll Club Logo (Created by elinor peace baily!) and used the computer to size it and add the words "Face Book" below the logo. I then printed 4 logos per page using my ink jet printer and the special print-on-fabric pack that is available at JoAnns.

I then cut out the logos using a square template . I also made yoyos and inserted them into the corner, under the logo fabric before I stitched the logos to the cover. After they were sewn I added a button trim on top the yoyo.

Next I cut "pages" out of face fabric. I used woven cotton but you could use knit as well. I used pinking shears for the edges. The pages are the same size as the cover..4 x 11 but the pinking makes them small enough to fit inside. Once you get them all cut out....time for the next step:

I used face stamps to give us a starting place when practicing. The stamps are only on the first two pages...after that its up to the doll maker to create her own faces!

I used a stamp by Karlene Atkins because I liked the clear can see through the stamp to get perfect positioning. I also got a perfect impression every time! Wow!
You can also get stamps from Barbara Willis, Barb Keeling and Patti Culea!

I used versamagic chalk ink in the "gingerbread" color to approximate a brown pigma pen.

Once you have your pages completed you center them inside the cover and sew down the middle to bind them. I then pressed them (using a pressing cloth so as not to melt the felt).

Here they are...all finished ready to hand out at the club meeting! I hope you have fun making your own Face Book!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Valley Doll Club Tea & Fringe Challenge

The Valley of the Dolls club had our annual tea...tons of food! We also had a challenge to use some fun fringe one of our members found...people got very creative with it!