Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jan 2010 Doll Retreat

This year's retreat teacher was Cyndi Mahlstadt and the doll was her "Annie" doll. We all had a wonderful time!

Here is me with my doll

Here are the step by step photos I took during the construction process!

The wire armature

The basic face after needle sculpting

With the eyes in

The armature wrapped in batting..note the feet are apoxie clay.

Testing out the hands and head

The torso cover is now on.

The finished, painted head.

The body wrapped in fabric strips

More fabric wrapping

The sweater vest and hair are on

Vest embellishment

Shoes are done!

Final doll!

Group photos

Christmas decorations

A few pictures of the house decorated for Christmas.
My Favoarite ornament...and old Radko fountain.

Elle Dee with her Christmas collar:

The Bride Doll shelf