Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Christian Hacker Hat Shop 1890-1910

I recently acquired this fabulous shop from a dollhouse museum that is closing.  It was hard to get much info on the piece but from my research I believe it to be made by the Christian Hacker factory in Nurnberg, Germany about 1905.  There is a shop in a museum in Germany that is very similar and I have used that info to date this piece.  I am still searching for a toy catalog or other listing from that time period to verify it.

The shop needs a good cleaning but has all its original wall papers and floor papers.  2 drawers are missing and the glass door on the side shelf unit is loose as the hinges are missing.  Its just propped up in the pictures.

The shop has a hidden surprise...the shelves in the back of the shop rotate via a mechanism in the top of the shop.  You wind it up with a key and then pull out the wire lever on the left side of the top shelf.  The mechanism still works perfectly...though it makes a lot of noise and could probably be cleaned and oiled.

These photos show the marks on the bottom.

This is the shop as it was displayed in the Museum.  All the furniture, dolls and display items came with the shop.  Once I give the shop a good cleaning I will set it up again with all these lovely things.

 I also acquired 2 other shops and will get those pictures posted soon.

Here is the link to the similar shop in the Nurnberg Toy Mueseum:
Lydia Bayer Toy Museum Nurnberg

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Working Late or...Early!

I was up most of the night working on my dollhouse.  The sun is up and the paper mache' part is done except for the tower.