Saturday, July 29, 2017

Porto's Bakery

I love Portos!  I was excited to learn that my favorite Cuban bakery has recently opened a location closer to me.  When I lived in LA and worked in Burbank, I would often have lunch at their Burbank location.  Also a great place to order from for parties!  The location below is their Buena Park location....not super close to me, but far better than driving all the way to LA!  My hubby and I checked it out last Sunday and I snapped some pics:


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

OC County Fair

Marv and I spent Sunday evening at the Orange County Fair.  We like this fair a great deal.  I use to enter the LA County Fair when we lived in Tarzana and always looked forward to going each year. But the OC Fair turned out to be a much more doable fair and has all the great things I love about really big fairs but is in a smaller footprint.  I also think the home arts are better at the OC Fair and I particularly love their visual arts section.

I took some photos of the cakes in the culinary arts section for your favorite is the wedding cake that looks like a geode....amazing.   And I also love the cake featuring characters from Miyazaki's films.