Friday, August 11, 2017

New wig for my French Fashion Doll

Recently I got together with some of my doll friends who collect antique French Fashion Dolls.  One of my friends taught us how to make 18th century wigs for the if the dolls were attending a costume party.  I had a wonderful time and have been continuing to work on the wig.  Here are some pics of my first attempt.

My doll is a Bru...early moon face...with wooden arms/hands and leather body from the late 1860s.

The wig is made from Tibetan Lamb.  

(Ignore the mess on my desk!)  I am still having trouble with the wig being a bit too frizzy.

I am also working on a dress for her.  Here she is trying out the fabric, feathers, handmade beaded flowers and a miniature ship that seems to have found a new home!