Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Vinyl/ABS Plastic Ball Jointed Dolls

I have a number of big resin doll BJDs but I have been working on my display shelves in my doll room (doesn't every house have a doll room?) and they are too short to display the larger dolls so I have been populating the displays with some smaller BJDs and I thought I would share them.  I posted them on the Den of Angels forum for off topic dolls so some of you may have already seen these.

The Cat is "Freya" by Hujoo. in white ABS plastic.  I painted her face using pastels and acrylic paint.  After each layer I did a quick spray of a matte workable fixative (Krylon).

  Her dress is for Blythe, if I remember correctly.

The Kitchen set I have had since I was about 10 years old.  Its made by AMSCO and was designed to be Barbie scale.  I love it.  My dad recently cleaned it up and fixed all the wiring so it lights up again (it uses C batteries).  I have the burner under the coffee pot turned on in the photo and you can kinda see it glowing.

Below is a Jun Planning Ai vinyl doll.   This specific doll/outfit is the Matricaria one. 

She is posed in a vintage German grocery shop that works very well with all my Re-ment foods.  I LOVE Re-ment.  I am totally hooked on them.  I use to buy them at a wonderful store in China Town that sold all Japanese items.  But now that I no longer live near there, I mainly get them on ebay.