Sunday, July 27, 2008

TGIF Newsletter for Friday 7/25/08

Hi: My regular Friday newsletter usually goes out via the yahoo group...but yahoo had a problem and the group is not sending out any messages...they are working on it but its been over a week and its not fixed yet. is the latest info for you!

I am home from Comic Con...the annual trek to San Diego for a weekend of too many people jammed into a giant convention center! But I wouldn't miss it...tons of fun!! There is enough visual inspiration for dolls and all kinds of art to keep any artist busy for months! Due to that trip I did not list anything new on the site this week. However I don't think last week's newsletter actually made it here is that info:

Newest Items:

SHERRY GOSHON: I have Sherry's Watercolor Faces CD ready for you all. This is an updating of an older workbook Sherry had self published 2 years ago. This new and updated version is in pdf format and has been completely edited by Kate Erbach. And since it is in pdf there are tons of color photos now. If you have been wanting to learn how to color your doll faces using watercolor pencils..this is the CD for you.

MARILYN JENSEN: Marilyn's Springtime Design line has a 16" doll pattern in it that I had not carried before. As Marilyn and I were discussing how her Dawn and Penny patterns sell so well...she suggested I bring this pattern in for you all to try. Its got a real "dolly" look to it and she is so cute! Check her out here:

Reorders in stock:

Dirty Crow Inn/ Two Dancing Crows: The 1892 pattern and MJ and her Sewing Machine are back in stock! MJ is one of my favorite patterns...I love her old fashioned singer style sewing machine!

Karlene Atkins: The Holly pattern and the truffle face stamp are back in stock!

Soft In The Head: All the mice and crows are back in-stock..including Night School and Trinket! Are you getting ready for Halloween already???

Patti Culea: Radical Rachel is back in stock!

Jaque Uetz: Annies...lots of them...all of her older Annie patterns are now in stock again! I put them all on their own page so they are easier to find..I love these dolls!

Pin Doll Booklet: The pin doll booklet published by my doll club is now back in will find it at the very bottom of the new items section. Back orders are shipping this weekend.

The New Items section was updated last week and I moved a lot of patterns out of it, into their respective homes. I try to do this regularly but had not kept it up since we started getting so many new patterns. Whenever I do this I always get a lot of questions about where a pattern went...if you know you saw it there and now I've moved it...just email me and I can help you find it!

Have a great weekend.
Thanks for shopping with me!
-Noel Wolfman

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