Tuesday, February 13, 2018

East German 1950s Grocery Store

Continuing my fascination with the antique and vintage shops...here is a piece from the 1950s.  I believe this was made by Linus Dahnert in East Germany in the mid 1950s.

I have dressed it with items from my own collection, though a lot of the food packages came with the shop.  I bought it from a dealer in Germany and had it shipped here to California a couple of years ago.  I love the design!  The display cabinets are wrapped in plastic sheeting that fits in groves in the top and bottom of the cases.  The shelves in the side units and back are glass.  The working wooden scale came with the shop, though I am not sure if it is original to the piece.  The store is about 35" long x 13" deep x 12" high. (about: 89cm x 33cm x 31cm)  For scale reference, the dolls are 8" tall.

Along the back wall and on top of one side is my collection of the Libby's metal cans.  Originally mail in premiums.   The can in the back is a money bank that is shaped as a mail box.

The red wooden jar holder was a separate purchase but it seemed to fit here.  The seltzer bottles are souvenirs I brought back from a trip to Buenos Aires.  I found some of them at a flea market and the others at a small antique store.  The coca cola tub is a re-purposed Christmas ornament.

The built in holes for the glass jars are my favorite element of this room box.  I have added the little "oven" as a bakery on the back shelf.  Keeping with my love for Japanese Re-ment toys...the little muffin pan and icing bag are Re-ment.

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